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Very few of us have a career path that gives us total clarity about the path we are going to follow, and let’s face it - life doesn’t exactly go to plan! Sometimes life gets in the way, your priorities change, what you thought would be turns out not to be, or your experiences make you crave another direction.

Some clever person once said we are likely to spend more time planning our next holiday than we are thinking about where to go next in our career. 

So, if you’re one of the many who has no clue what to do next in your career or your job search, here are some ideas about how to kick-start your enthusiasm.


1.            Talk to friends, colleagues and family about what it is you really want from your next move, but here I’d like to add a note of caution when speaking with people at work. Remember you’re only just starting to think around your options, so be a little careful when talking to people at work: you want to have a discussion and explore those options - not hand in your notice.

Of course, people at work can reflect back to you where you really shine, and may even have thoughts about what they’ve “always thought” you should do, so only ask a select few whom you know to be positive and understanding.

2.            When the time is right and you’re able to ask naturally, talk to your immediate boss about future plans and what else you could do, and where your next step is within the team.

3.            Maybe you want to stay put and all you need is an injection of enthusiasm and a goal to aim for so that you can improve the role you’re in right now. Perhaps an opportunity will arise for you to show what you can do, or for you to go that extra mile. You could even volunteer to write for the blog, organise social occasions, or whatever works for you that will showcase your talents.

4.            Think about what you really want to do. Is it in the same industry but you lack specific experience or a qualification? It could be time to take a long-term view of where you want to go and take an interim step to get you to the main prize.

5.            Research what’s out there. Getting a new job isn’t as simple as it sounds, and you have to put your best efforts into it.  If you don’t feel you can do this for yourself then make contact with a trusted recruiter and see what they can offer you.

6.            Get a great CV together.  There’s masses of stuff on the internet about writing a CV, but basically you want your skills, experience and personality to jump off the page well enough for someone to say “Yes, we want to see this person."  It can be hard, and most people struggle with it, but you can improve your chance of getting the job you want by having the best CV you know how to put together. Talk to trusted friends and ask them to give your CV a critique to make sure you are making the most of yourself.  Most good recruiters will also do this with you, and an external view always helps.

7.            Talk to a specialist recruiter in the field you want to move into -  like us! We’re always delighted to talk to our candidates.

8.            Put yourself out there. Like everything else in life you only get out what you put in, so find out what’s out there and get the job you really want!

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